Evidence of election fraud, New York State January 2021 Internet cable found connected to scanner video here 

The Founding Fathers left us two very simple violent free steps to fix government and keep officials accountable. Become a committee person and understand your power as a grand jurist and trial jurist. The photo below is our 180 ton monument, the Matrix of Liberty the blueprint of what made America great. Designed by the Founding Fathers, paid for by Congress, and hidden by your government schools.

For the first step see, Committee of Saftey and Jury Duty pages.

The system that was designed For the People has become abusive and corrupt. Unless a candidate or politician understands founding law and is committed to fight for the rights of the people they represent, the abuses will only continue to grow.

Our educational system no longer teaches US Constitutional principles that are foundational to our strength as a nation, and now the mainstream media is so riddled with spin, half-truths and blatant lies, we can no longer depend on the 4th Estate.

Our nation seems more divided than ever.  A return to our foundational principles and the rule of law, not by fiat nor by dispensing with due process, will help restore some measure of order and civility to our treasured and unrivaled institutions.

Hidden by government schools  your founding fathers monument

Video on  monument , Kirk Cameron