Committees of Safety

In the American Revolutioncommittees of correspondencecommittees of inspection (also known as committees of observation), and committees of safety were different local committees of Patriots that became a shadow government; they took control of the Thirteen Colonies away from royal officials, who became increasingly helpless.

As affairs drew toward a crisis, it became usual for towns to appoint three committees: of correspondence, of inspection, and of safety.  The first was to keep the community informed of dangers either legislative or executive, and concert measures of public good; the second to watch for violations of non-importation agreements, or attempts of loyalists to evade them; the third one called the “Committee of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety” to be elected annually by the towns.

It was so significant it still exist to this day, but the bureaucrats have  manipulated it calling it the party committee or precinct committee with over 200,000 seats still vacant across America.

They still police over the voting and control who works at your County Board of elections

The office of New York committeeman has been has been called “the most powerful office in the world” because it is the closest structured political officeholder to the registered voter. A registered voter has no vote in internal Party policy; a committeeman does. A committee person elects district, county and state party officers, delegates to the Presidential convention and RNC members. committee person sent to the Pres. Convention vote on what policies the party platform will be advocated in the next two years. Through a monthly meeting, committee person  interact with their elected Party officials to influence legislation.

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Small Numbers, Big Change

The Power of Three-Tenths of One Percent of Seventy-Four Million

We can get you information to prove your current committee people are elected officials themselves, their family members and those on government payroll, collecting funds from the government, total conflict if interest and unethical behavior.

How To Become an Elected New York Committee Person

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New York Board Elections sample petitions instructions and voting calendar